Atlantis Flamingos are a very successful Artistic (Synchronised) Swimming team who came under the banner of Atlantis in 2018 and is the only Artistic team in West Sussex.

This exciting new partnership between two highly successful teams in distinctly different swimming disciplines offers opportunities going forwards as both areas of the club has a lot to offer the other.

Artistic swimmers must be able to achieve very good long distance times in order to qualify for Nationals and sculling techniques are one of the core competencies which artistic swimmers excel at.

We are already seeing some great collaborative training where both competitive swimmers and artistic swimmers are sharing their talents in the pool.

Artistic swimming is a specialised sport that's open to Masters as well as age group boys and girls.


Coach Fran says,

"Hello Atlantis and thank you for welcoming us to your team. 

It’s a brave, forward thinking move which will put us all on the map as we are the only Synchro Club in West Sussex!

We had a fabulous year in 2017 full of great results and we will achieve even more as part of the Atlantis family. 

Please come and talk to me after training if you’re interested to know more or email for more info.

We are looking forward to even more success with Atlantis!