The countdown is on!!
The Launch is just hours away, this is the last day to purchase your virtual balloon to support Atlantis Fundraising.
We are fundraising for: Atlantis SC is a not for profit competitive swimming club based in Sussex. With the support of our members and the local community we have survived the recent tough times and we can plan for the future. To maintain our position as one of the most prominent competitive swimming clubs in the region we need to move with the times and invest in new technology and innovative ideas. With your help we would like to raise funds to purchase 8 backstroke ledges and stowage rack. This system is simply and easily mounted onto the starting blocks. It improves the start push and trajectory of the swimmer when entering the water. The angle made by the legs in relation to the water surface during the final push off the wall is greater, and as a result, the swimmer‘s feet travel the path during the start phase of flight with less contact to the water. And, thanks to the Backstroke Ledge the swimmers gain in power and force when entering the water and therefore, achieve best performances.